Parallels Between the Game of Thrones and the Coronavirus Crisis
  • The Walking Dead and the Corona Virus – both come at the time when the realms are always at loggerheads with each other over some issue or the other – similar to the cold war and the nuclear war threat that’s pervading our international relations. People were fighting for power but didn't realize that the Night King (CoronaVirus) is a bigger threat.
  • In India – the mood over the last 2 months has been “Winter (Corona) is Coming” – the progression of fear is not one of sudden panic or chaos – but a slow tension that just grows slowly but surely every living day.
  • Game of Thrones Corona Virus Memes
  • “There’s nothing we can do but only stay here” – is the line Sansa tells Tyrion Lannister when all the people in the palace of King’s Landing are in “Lockdown” when a bloody battle is going on outside.
  • Much like how most governments (most visibly the US Govt) have reacted – we see a considerable denial by every kingdom about the existence of this unknown enemy (the walking dead).. only unconfirmed reports in the beginning followed by a lot of INERTIA to act at quick notice.
  • Some direct analogies:

Wuhan -> North of Winterfell

The vaccine -> Dragonglass

Donald Trump -> The Mad Queen

Anthony Fauci -> Tyrion Lannister (?)

Doctors & Medical Staff -> The Night’s Watch


Do let us know if you can spot more such similarities.


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